Surgical Planning

Once you and Dr. Razvan Stoita have decided that surgery is the most appropriate treatment option, a streamlined process begins to ensure we maximize the chance of a successful outcome and a speedy return to your desired activities.​

Your surgery consent form will be completed at the time of your consultation with Dr. Stoita. Dr. Stoita will discuss with you the risks and complications associated with the procedure you will have. You must understand that there is always risks associated with surgery and you need to be aware of those risks before making a decision to go ahead with an operation. If you do not understand what you have been told or have any questions related to your surgery you must ask for clarification from Dr. Stoita, who is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon and has performed many such surgeries in Sydney and other parts of the world.

The vast majority of patients get through the operation with no complication at all. Some may experience minor issues and rarely more serious complications can occur. Dr. Stoita maintains open, easy communication with all of his patients. He understands that through early notification of any problems, most of these complications can be treated quickly and effectively with minimal disruption to your postoperative recovery and rehabilitation.

At the same time a financial consent will be completed detailing the fees, if any, related to your procedure. The fees are partly covered by Medicare, partly covered by your private fund and there may be an amount (“out of pocket” cost) to be paid by you.

Dr. Razvan Stoita collects information about surgeries related to hip, knee and pelvis for the purposes of patient management and research. You will be given a database consent form, which is to be completed and returned to our office prior to surgery. The information obtained will be used to conduct research to be published or presented at national and international meetings. Patient information is de-identified and patient privacy is not compromised. It is entirely up to you if you want to be involved. The decision not to participate will have no detrimental effects to your care.​

It is likely that you may need to have blood tests, ECG and Chest X-Ray done before your surgery. If you have other medical conditions these may need to be addressed in consultation with you GP and other specialists involved in your care. Medications you take may need to be adjusted or even stopped prior to surgery especially if these increase your risk of bleeding. It is thus important that you tell Dr. Stoita about all the medications you take.

Prior to surgery the hospital of your choice will contact you with an appointment to the pre-admission clinic. Here you will be fully assessed and you will be provided with all the information about your hospital stay. The day before your surgery you will be contacted with instructions on when to start fasting (nil by mouth).